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You have had kinky desires for awhile now.  You may be watching porn, calling Niteflirt ladies, seeing professional Dommes (or thinking about it), trying to convince your partners to engage you (or thinking about it), or trying to find new partners who are interested in this lifestyle.  You may have tried to ignore these desires, but they are always there, and they seem to get stronger over time.  Eventually, you realize, these feelings may be more than just a desire…​


     No, you are definitely not alone.   

     The average age of my clients is 45.

     The vast majority of my clients identify as heterosexual.

     Most of my clients work in the following industries: healthcare, military, and lawyers.  Most are business owners, CEOs, and other upper level managers.   

     At least 90% of my clientele are interested in feminization and/or cuckoldry.  

The advice I offer through my consultation services, is from the perspective of a professional fetish mentor and life coach, professional and personal Domme, personal submissive, and an ordinary, boring, vanilla person.  The premise of all that I do, revolves around my belief that ALL fetishes serve at least one very important purpose in your life, and as such, fetish fulfillment is not simply a “desire” -but a VERY IMPORTANT NEED. My passion, is helping you explore and fulfill that very important purpose, in a way that is most beneficial to you.


My consultations provide the following services.

You need to tell your story to someone who is compassionate, non-judgmental, and who has been where you are. 

You want to better understand the multiple factors that impact your specific fetish interests.

You want a more in-depth understanding of the important role that submission plays in your life.

You want a more in-depth understanding of the important role that domination plays in your life.

You want to learn methods for managing your fetish consumption needs.

You want to explore options for fulfilling your fetish needs – in your kink world, and/or, in your vanilla world.

You need help determining if fulfilling your needs are worth certain risks.

You want advice on how to find open-minded personal partners.

You need help researching and locating quality, kink-friendly specialists -Dommes, psychologists, etc.


You will submit a form that includes your fetish-related goals, with regard to the topics above.  

I will send you a link to an online fetish-related questionnaire as well as my own questionnaire. 

When you return that to me, we will set up an appointment for an interview -via phone or Skype.

Pre-payment for the interview is required 3 days before the appointment - they include Paypal, Western Union, exceptions may be granted.

You will receive an appointment reminder at which time you may reschedule if need be. 

The interview is one hour long and I will be asking you more detailed questions about your questionnaire answers.

Within 7-10 days you will receive a follow-up email from me containing my analysis and recommendations.  Feedback on what I have sent is requested, but not required. 

You will be sent an optional survey on your experience and you will receive $5 any extended or additional consultations, for answering it.


Consultation services are $60

Extended consultations (optional) receive a 10% discount 



Jennifer L. DeLeon

With a TWIST