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I offer consultation services for individuals, couples, and groups. 


You have had kinky desires for as long as you can remember, and now those desires have turned to needs!  Why do you have them?  Where did they come from?  What should you do about them?  I can help you examine the underpinnings of your fetish needs, determine what purpose they are serving in your life, and find the most constructive and beneficial ways to manage them.  

The components of this service include two parts.

Intake:  The purpose of the intake session is to build rapport and gather background information, as well as determine your fetish related issues and goals.

Assessment: After the intake, you will be provided with a written assessment, that will include feedback on the underlying reasons for your fetish interests, what purpose they are serving in your life, as well as recommendations on how best to fulfill your fetish needs.

Examples of specific issues addressed

  • Mitigating excessive fetish consumption
  • How best to involve your significant other(s)
  • Methods for discretely enjoying your fetish
  • Tips for becoming involved in the kink community
  • Referrals to other fetish-friendly professionals
  • Educational resources and training

Skype, phone, instant messaging, $45/hour



Wouldn’t it be the great to have the best of both relationship worlds? Vanilla and Kink?  Anyone who has ever searched for that combination in a longer-term partner, knows how difficult that search can be. Though statistics do make it difficult, I am able to offer an array of methods that can help improve the odds of finding that special lifestyle partner.

The components of this service include three parts.

Assessment: This component is designed to assess the feasibility of pursuing a lifestyle partner based upon your fetish interests, relationship prerequisites, and preferences.  

Editing Personal Ads: I will assist you in rewriting your vanilla and kink, personal ads, to create a more accurate reflection of yourself and to better attract the right kind of partner for you. 

Screening Methods: I will provide you with custom-made screening strategies, such as questionnaires, to make your partner search more efficient. 

*If you decide not to pursue a lifestyle partner relationship, I also provide referrals and advice for finding sincere, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional Dommes, who are open to forming long-term relationships with clients.*  

Cost: Each component is $45 and can be done

via Skype, phone, instant messaging. 


Have you ever thought about becoming a ProDomme? This service provides insight into the industry and gives the basics of what it takes to get started creating a business of your own.

Personality assessment -do I have what it takes?

Understanding the importance of domination and submission

How to effectively advertise, and where

How to screen potential clients

Basic equipment

Choosing a work location

Staying safe

Potential pitfalls, risks, and liabilities

How to obtain hands-on, peer-training

Online resources

Cost: $45/hour, plus a "how-to" guide.



Jennifer L. DeLeon

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