I possess a Bachelor of Art degree in Interdisciplinary Studies,  from Marylhurst University, with an emphasis in interpersonal/intercultural communication.  My previous occupational background was as an instructional assistant for special needs children, caregiver for the elderly, and as a direct support professional, for adults with developmental challenges.  I have a natural aptitude for understanding and applying psychological concepts as they relate to the energetic dynamics of relationships. 

The most important gift I offer all of you, is validation and acceptance of your entirety, empathy and compassion for your struggle to live authentically, and commitment to helping you live your truth - as there is no greater freedom.  My occupation is my divine calling and very much a blessing.  ​​​

"The biggest embrace of love you will ever make is to embrace yourself completely.  Then you'll realize you've just embraced the whole universe and everything and everybody in it."



​Testimonials are anonymous to protect the privacy of the client.

"You have proven yourself to be trustworthy and honorable - being sensitive to my particular, unique circumstances, without any judgement."

"I read some of this intelligent woman's articles - and hearing her speak on this particular matter justifies my deep gratitude for her as an excellent mentor."

"I really loved and appreciated your video, thank you. A friend recommended this, and I did love it. You are insightful, smart, intuitive and kind."

"She was so easy to talk with, has a good sense of humor, and is knowledgeable and was very insightful."

"Very intuitive, she understood my persona to a tee! Discussed my inclinations and where I'd like to go with them. One thing I can tell you for certain, experience makes all the difference!"​​

"I have felt differently ever since my appointment with you. The best way I can summarize it is: Freedom. Free to embrace who I am, and who I'm wanting to become."

"Jennifer is a compelling conversationalist who helps you find and celebrate your true self."

Jennifer L. DeLeon

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