Jennifer L. DeLeon




​​My Divine Purpose in this life is to act as a mentor, advocate, creator, trainer and healer. What I offer all people, is validation and acceptance of their entirety, empathy and compassion for their struggle to live authentically, and commitment to help them live their truth -to the best of my abilities. I have an innate aptitude for understanding and applying psychological concepts, as well as, assessing, analyzing, and defining thoughts and emotions.  I wish to use my attributes to help you discover, explore, and experience your authenticity, within the fetish world, as well as assist you in managing the myriad of associated obstacles.

Discover * Explore * Experience

Your Alternative Fetish Identity

​​​"The biggest embrace of love you will ever make​ is to embrace yourself completely.  Then you'll​ realize you'v​e just embraced the whole universe and everything and everybody in it."

​                                                  -Adyshanti